Little Dragon - 4-6 years old

Little Dragon Program

Machida Little Dragon Program


In order to truly master the Machida Karate techniques and its philosophy, one ought to begin learning early. In our Little Dragons Karate classes, kids between the age of 4 and 6 will be introduced to Machida Karate basic techniques, they will learn about its Philosophy and how to apply different techniques.

Being that our Little Dragons will be learning together with other Little Dragons, a strong emphasis is to be put on helping them to develop a sense of teamwork, focus and balance. We also want to help our students to remember that, although winning is a great accomplishment, loosing is part of life, and that the most important thing is to be able to give one’s best.
A variety of drills are used to increase body coordination, focus, listening skills and to instill a positive mental attitude. Little Dragon classes teach the basic techniques and Katas to prepare the student for advancement under the Machida Karate Belt System and for the transition to the Youth Samurai program.



With over 35 years of experience and knowledge, Chinzo Machida is one of the greatest Shotokan Karate competitors ever to exist in Brazil. He is a 12-time National Brazilian Champion and he placed 2nd at the Shotokan Kumite Worlds in 2006.

Today, Chinzo is a professional MMA fighter, currently fighting for Bellator MMA, which is the second largest MMA organization in the world.

Chinzo is the program coordinator, as well as one of the main instructors at the Machida Karate Academy. He works very closely with Master Machida to ensure that the integrity of the art is preserved in all programs.
Teaching all his knowledge to others is a great passion of Chinzo’s and he is fully committed to help others improve their skills and live up to their fullest potentials.


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