Adult Fundamental

Adult Fundamental Program

Machida Karate Fundamental Program

The Machida Karate Fundamental Program teaches the introduction to Machida Karate as a self-defense program, providing the necessary knowledge to defend yourself in many different real-life situations.

Students will learn:Machida Fundamental

  • How to defend and counter from many different self-defense situations.
  • How to use the Machida foot work and fight stances.
  • How to throw basic Karate Strikes, such as punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

This program is made by 15 essential techniques that the student will develop during this class, having a practical training of self-defense and Karate.

In addition, The Fundamental Program is extremely efficient to improve fitness and physical condition, in a safe environment, while developing focus, confidence, self-esteem and respect.

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Chinzo Machida is one of the greatest Shotokan karate competitors ever produced in Brazil. He is a 12-time National Brazilian Champion and placed second at the Shotokan Kumite Worlds in 2006.

Chinzo is the program coordinator at Machida Karate Academy and works closely with Master Machida to ensure the integrity of the art is preserved in all programs.

Chinzo is a professional MMA fighter, currently fighting for Bellator MMA, second largest MMA promotion in the world.


Try 5 days for free!


You can train 5 days at Machida Academy for free!

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