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Chinzo Machida

Head Instructor

Chinzo Machida is one of the greatest Shotokan karate competitors in Brazil. He’s many karate titles, such as 12 times National Brazilian Champion and 2nd place at Shotokan Kumite Worlds 2006.

Lyoto Machida

Head Instructor

Lyoto Machida is a Japanese-Brazilian professional mixed martial arts fighter. Son of Master Yoshizo Machida, Lyoto is considered the best karate fighters in the history of of the UFC.

Our Reviews

  • Erika FrancoErika Franco


  • Prajwal SPrajwal S

    It is a Beautiful dojo. When the champion Machida brothers are teaching you, what more do you want? Awesome atmosphere for training.

  • Joseph ClaycombJoseph Claycomb

    If you are looking for Excellence, Here it IS!!

    If you want to be the BEST you have to TRAIN with the best.. Sensei Lyoto and Chinzo Machida are not only great instructors but great practitioners of Karate as well.

    They bring their experiences of real fighting from their mixed martial arts success and deliver their knowledge to their students in such a graceful manner.

    They make it very easy to learn from them while motivating and helping their students reach for their full potentials.

    They offer beginner level classes for kids all they way up to the advanced levels for even the experienced blackbelt to enjoy.

    Their teaching is methodical and systematic and it appeals to those looking for a practical approach to their training for self defense skill development as well.

    They have plenty of parking available around the area and their facility is the nicest you will ever see.

    Their dojo is clean, pleasing to the eyes and very Japanese.

    They even offer a free class trial in case you want to check out their work outs.

    It looks like Machida Karate Academy is here to stay and I would highly recommend stopping by and giving it a try if u want a quality based and family environment for yourself or your kids.

    Two thumbs up!!

  • Abraham AgibaAbraham Agiba

    Machida Karate is really a unique and specialized form of Shotokan Karate. Since starting here last November, I must say I have noticed a great improvement in my physical conditioning, but also in my mood and my attitude. If you want to learn how to defend yourself, or are interested in picking up a new hobby, I highly recommend you giving Lyoto & Chinzo Machida's new Karate Academy a chance. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

  • Mario CastilloMario Castillo

    Machida karate es por muchas razones, lo mejor que le ha podido pasar al karate, sin importar el estilo. En tiempos de UFC y MMA, es grato saber que la mística del karate se mantiene, y combina su esencia de origen, con las nuevas técnicas de lucha en el suelo, y de aplicación a la realidad de nuestro tiempo. Mucho éxito en su consolidación y expansión 👍

  • Kimberly L.Kimberly L.

    [Review #226]

    My daughter took taekwondo lessons twice (2-1/2 & 4 years old), even earning a yellow belt before losing interest. Not sure if it's the lack...

  • Erika F.Erika F.

    My husband and I love this dojo the bathrooms are BEAUTIFUL and never smell like sweat

  • Tomomi S.Tomomi S.

    What more can I add to all of the positive reviews here. Machida Karate not only has been an amazing dojo for my son to learn karate, but it's been a life...

  • Zakariya MimoZakariya Mimo

    Beautiful and very very cool I love sports

  • Eriko NavratilEriko Navratil
  • Giselle NeivaGiselle Neiva
  • Ryuzaki DulieuRyuzaki Dulieu
  • Fabio Da Silva OliveiraFabio Da Silva Oliveira
  • Rikiya WasedaRikiya Waseda
  • Pete SchammannPete Schammann

    Great seminar!! It was so great seeing Lyoto demonstrate his shuffling techniques. I’ve seen it in so many fights. Was great seeing it in real life.

  • Ann Marie AbbottAnn Marie Abbott

    Awesome seminar! Everyone is so friendly. Thank you for the warm welcome! It was a pleasure and a great honor to meet the Machida family. Thank you!

  • Bill SchammannBill Schammann
  • Yvette VarelaYvette Varela
  • Frederick HarveyFrederick Harvey

    I’ve never been so humbled to train anywhere, as the training with Chinzo Sensei is awesome and hospitality is beyond compare. Forget the publicity these guys have, because they seem to. Amazing people.

  • Luiz Ricardo NeryLuiz Ricardo Nery
  • Jose Antonio GalvezJose Antonio Galvez
  • Camilo CastanoCamilo Castano
  • Patrimoine BallaPatrimoine Balla
  • Guilherme GuimarãesGuilherme Guimarães
  • Leandro Morsa Fermino LourençoLeandro Morsa Fermino Lourenço
  • Marcelo VenturiniMarcelo Venturini
  • Birgitte HuntBirgitte Hunt
  • Japhet Arnaiz PlanqueJaphet Arnaiz Planque

    I wish they expand more and have an extension in the Philippines ...

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